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Focus on the user and all else will follow

“Focus on the user and all else will follow.” This is the first item one the list of Google’s philosophy: ‘10 things we know to be true.’ You can read more about all of them here.
Since its foundation Google has grown to an unbelievable extent. Whatever Google implements, they always focus on the users and their experience. That is one of the reasons why the company has become so successful. Surely, client-based business sounds like a cliché nowadays. But how many of those are actually doing what they claim to? There is information overload and each entrepreneur has to set priorities among a lot of things. This can be quite stressful and complicated. So, what’s the solution? It has been proven with a number of examples and years of experience that if you choose to concentrate on your audience, you will only win. Nonetheless, majority of companies tend to neglect that. If you want to set up a business or you already have one, your user should be the number one priority from the very beginning. If you truly love your product, then this feeling becomes contagious. Your customers will also feel affection for it. You might think that it is more important for your business to focus on other objectives and leave user experience out of the picture. However, putting your resources into that will always pay out. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in. At the end of the day, there will be companies and people who will use your product. Moreover, it makes no difference if you have started your business to make money, to make the world a better place or to fulfil your potential. Why would it matter if the ultimate goal is to attract new clients and build loyalty with the old ones?

    What should you start with? Well, it is much easier than some might think. There are some things that you should take into account:

  • Do you know what people think about your products or services? Have a feedback section on your website.
  • Want to make your customers come back? Make sure their user experience is satisfying. They should not think what could be done better in your product but just enjoy it.
  • Are you sure you are making something that way because your user wants it? Not because it is easier for you to just leave it like that? And not because your competitors do so?
  • Have you done a throughout consumer analysis before making a decision?
  • Have you put yourself into your customers’ shoes?
  • Do you know your users’ motivation to use your product?
  • Do they want something unique and different? Something they can’t find on the market?
  • Be flexible with what you offer. Your initial idea does not have to be the right one for your customers, you might want to make some alterations or completely change it.
  • Who are you targeting?
  • How can you help your customer?

We truly believe that you should put a value on user experience and never neglect that. Take action! Good luck!

Focus on the user and all else will follow
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Focus on the user and all else will follow
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